Our Services

Live GPS Tracking

You need to know right now. Not what happened minutes ago. X5GPS is built on knowing where your vehicles and assets are the moment you want the information. This is why we are so passionate about live GPS tracking. Your mileage is true. Your reports are more accurate. And, when you schedule alerts they happen instantaneously.

Unlimited Geofences

Is there a particular area you’re interested in keeping an eye on – maybe a client’s location or a parts depot? Simply draw the area you want to watch on the mapping system and setup alerts as to when your mobile employees enter or exit the area. This is great when you want to know if a crew has been at one site too long. We want you to have the tools so we allow you to create as many geofence as you need.

Traffic & Weather

Traffic and weather will impact your mobile fleet. That’s why we included it into our live GPS system. With the ability to overlay what is happening with traffic, you can route your mobile fleet around trouble spot as they appear throughout the day. Turn on the weather overlay to help keep your employees safe during inclement weather and keep working when it’s just light rain.

Comprehensive Reports

Knowing what your vehicles and assets are doing throughout time help you better plan and create efficiencies to run your business like a well-oiled machine. There are more than 20 different reports you can run that will give you great insight into your mobile employees. And, if you regularly want a certain report, simple schedule it to appear in your inbox at whatever interval helps you grow.