You're probably paying more than you should be - for obsolete technology!

Technology marches onward, and the GPS Tracking industry has evolved rapidly over the past ten years. Whether your interest is in fleet tracking, covert tracking, teen tracking, or any other segment of the market, when it comes to vehicle tracking technologies, our web-based platform offers the fastest updates in the industry.

Faster (more frequent) transmissions of GPS coordinates means improved accuracy in reports and alert notifications. Greater granularity leads to improved business intel and faster ROI.


Bottom Line: If you've never implemented a GPS tracking platform in your business, the technology has matured and you're missing out on huge cost savings! AT&T's elimination of the 2G wireless network forced an industry-wide redesign of all GPS tracking products, prompting another wave of innovation, so if you already have a GPS tracking solution, it's probably a good time to look around and make sure the good deal you got five years ago is still a good deal today!

Why 10-second updates matter

You didn't buy a GPS tracking system because you wanted to see where your vehicles were 15 minutes ago.

You bought it to see where they ARE.

As in... Right now!

At X5GPS, we give you the tools you need to manage your workforce effectively. That means knowing where your staff is NOW - as well as being able to replay the history to see where they were at a specific time yesterday, or last week, or last month...

Experience the difference today!

Contact us at 1-877-347-8149 TODAY to see how our recent advances in GPS Tracking technology can provide you with valuable insight and help you to run a leaner, more efficient business machine!

Our products pay for themselves with dramatic increases in workforce productivity, improved time management and accountability, and reduced liability - as well as fuel and insurance savings.

In fact, you'll find rather quickly that you're likely to save more in fuel each day than the cost of our products!